Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker Review

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scotsman ice machine

Gourmet ice is what gives drinks like whisky a good appeal. It’s a whole different experience of its own, seeing the ice melt away at a steady, slow pace.

This is the unique quality of gourmet ice. It does not melt at a fast pace like usual ice cubes do, helping your drinks be chilled for longer.

But how can you get gourmet ice easily?

This is where the Scotsman CU50GA comes in. It is one of the best under-counter ice makers. With this, you can have your own mini home bars or simply add one as an addition to the other worthwhile appliances in your commercial space.

This unit has can produce about 64 pounds of gourmet ice in just a day and also has storage units to keep away 26 pounds of ice. It is designed as a 15-inch unit for easy placement in even the most compact locations.

The end result you get is crystal clear, elegantly shaped ice that melts super slowly, ensuring optimum quality of the drink. It is free of any hint of taste or odor, which could possibly dilute the drink’s own flavor.

It does so by using a water-quality sensor that recognizes the existing hard water conditions, after which the system removes any possible contaminations from the mineral water.

You do not have to do much to get this unit running. It has a user-friendly control panel that clearly indicates when the unit is turned on and also alerts if the water is absent.

One thing that most users mutually adore about this unit is its reminder setting for the unit’s maintenance, which saves trouble and money in the long run.

Pros and Cons

scotsman cu50ga


  • Very easy to use. Only needs to be installed once as a permanent fixture
  • User-friendly control panel indicates water conditions and alerts for system maintenance
  • Whether residential or commercial, it features an elegant design that can fit quite well in any space.
  • Has large capacity for production as well as storage of ice
  • The quality of the ice cube is unbeatable; it does not melt right away
  • Suitable for not only residential use but also various industries such as hotels, coffee shops, superstores, etc.
  • A fully automated design means the unit is operational until it is full of ice so that you always have gourmet ice on hand.
  • Designed with built-in safety mechanisms including a water filter that purifies the tap water to get rid of any harmful chemicals.


  • The unit can be a bit noisy while it is operational
  • Some users find the ice cubes to be a bit too large, especially if they are making drinks in shorter glasses

Unique Features

scotsman cu0515ga

A number of features make the Scotsman CU50GA ice maker stand out. These include:

Elevated Body

The whole unit is designed such that it is lifted above the ground on four legs so that the floor surface is easy to clean and the accessibility is easier for the user.

The width of the unit is around 15- inches which makes it great for compact locations.

Large Ice Producing Capacity

The unit is capable of producing about 64 pounds of ice every day and can store 26 pounds of it until next use. This is a feature that will come in handy if you have last-minute guests or customers coming over.

Modern Aesthetics

It is a clutter-free unit with a simple, clean user interface. It is also available in a single black color that fits well in almost every place.

The control board readily uses, displays information about the time to clean the reminder, power on and warns when the unit is out of the water to produce more ice.

Strong Built

The unit is made out of stainless steel, which makes it easy-to-clean with different chemical solutions and also makes it less susceptible to damage from scratches or stains. This unit is easily durable for about eight years.

In-built Water-Quality Sensor

The smart detector included with the unit helps to identify any viruses or possible contaminations. It then cleanses the water so that it completely tastes and is odor-free and safe for consumption.

Ice Quality

The ice produced by this unit is harder and denser than regular ice which makes it melt more slowly. Therefore, it does not mix with the drink within seconds.

This makes the ice most suitable for drinks that only need to be chilled but not diluted.

Comparing Scotsman CU50GA Under-Counter Ice Maker with its Competition

We have compared the Scotsman CU50GA under-counter ice maker with one of its competitors, EdgeStar, so you can get a better picture of what it has to offer in comparison.

The Scotsman is a reliable and well-recognized brand in itself. The machine weighs 100 pounds and can continuously run and produce ice worth 65 pounds. It is made to be built-in and freestanding. It features a pump drain with a cord and is offered in silver color.

In comparison, EdgeStar is a relatively recent brand. The unit weighs 78 pounds, which is lighter than Scotsman. However, since both ice makers are not meant to be portable, so the weight is not of great significance here.

It also produces less than the Scotsman ice maker, a mere 50 pounds worth of ice in a day. However, apart from silver, it is also available in black.

Issues & Concerns

The Scotsman CU50GA is a great ice-making machine for both household and commercial use. However, just like any electrical appliance, it has its own issues and concerns that need to be taken into consideration. These include:

Cannot Be Used Outdoors

This ice machine is designed to only be used in interior spaces such as a lounge, bar, or kitchen. It can only be used outdoors in a controlled environment and under very limited conditions.

Wrong Indication

Sometimes the unit indicates low capacity when it is undergoing a clog in the drain or if there’s standing water. A solution to this is to clean the air-cooled condenser fins.

Energy Consumption

This unit utilizes a lot more energy than usual household blenders. It only makes sense, as the targeted market for this product is more commercial buyers than residential who can afford to pay high bills from their profits.

However, if long-term affordability is not an issue for you; this is better than any option out there.

Care and Maintenance

scotsman cu0515ga

Keeping an ice maker clean increases its longevity and ensures effective operation. Usually, with regular use, this unit can last four to five years but if you can manage to clean it as directed; you will be surprised to see it last for almost a decade.

Maintaining the Scotsman CU50GA is not a difficult task. All you have to do is keep five things clean. The exterior, ice storage bin, condenser, ice-making system, and the bin. This is explained in greater detail below;


Firstly, get rid of any stains as soon as they occur on the surface of the door or handle. The best way to do this is to get lukewarm water and soap and soften the stain before getting rid of it. This will avoid any scratches on the surface.

Ice Storage Bin:

Clean the ice storage bin using one ounce of bleach with two gallons of warm water. Then using a soft fabric, clean the inside of the ice storage bin and discard the solution in the drain.


For this component, you need to pay special attention to its fins and tubes. To prevent them from clogging, remove the kick plate along with the service panel at the front.

Then use a vacuum to get rid of any dirt on the surface of the condenser. When done, fasten everything back with screws.

Ice Making System

Firstly, remove the scale and discard any ice. Then keep the “hold” option pressed until the green light fades out.

Once again, press the hold option along with the “clean-reset” and the “on/off” buttons until the light starts to blink.

Then pour 8 ounces of any ice machine scale remover into the reservoir and run the machine for half an hour.

After the time is up, press the “on/off” option, and the machine will start flushing out the solution. Then pour hot water into the reservoir to completely flush out the drain.

Bin Interior

Remove the top panel and pour a gallon of EPA-approved sanitizing solution on the ice-making plate, covering all surfaces.

Keep the Clean-Reset and On/Off buttons pressed until the time to clean blinks. After the washing is done, pour the leftover solution into the bin to clean the drain.


Firstly, turn off the water supply connected to the unit. Then drain the water reservoir by taking off the rubber cap.

It can be located under the reservoir. The inlet water valve then needs to have air blown through it till completely dry.

If you have converted your unit into a drain pump model, you should pour half a gallon of RV antifreeze into the ice storage bin drain.

The last step is to switch off the unit and unplug it from the source to be stored away for the season.


This warranty for the Scotsman CU50GA starts with the date of installation that goes onto the warranty registration form.

This is 72months from the day of shipment to the address. In the case of the absence of an installation date on paper, the length of the warranty is reduced to 15 months.

The motor compressor is covered for parts for five years, and this warranty can only be obtained in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and South America. Only, malfunctioning items will be replaced or repaired.

The warranty only covers original defects in material or workmanship. Any alteration, misuse, or improper maintenance or installation will not be considered for any repairs.

Any defective part or service invoice has to be returned within 15 days to the local Scotsman distributor for the purpose of labor reimbursement.

Incidents of failure must be explained in great detail to identify the cause. A unit whose initial installation date has exceeded a period of five years will be excluded from this warranty.


scotsman cu0515ga

  • Meant for indoor use and even outdoor use under limited conditions, outside of which the warranty becomes void.
  • Features air temperature limits (70 and 80-degrees Fahrenheit) within which it works efficiently. The temperature should not exceed 100-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Features water temperature limits between 20psi at the minimum and 90psi at the maximum.
  • Includes a stainless-steel kick plate cover that should be attached to the unit if it is being used outdoors
  • Measures 14.9″ x 22″ x 34.4″ inches which is the standard size for most
  • Compatible with KATB kit for added stability
  • After installation of a drain kit can also be used as a drain pump model

Where to Buy

If you are interested in purchasing Scotsman CU50GA, look no further. You can easily find it here.

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