Nostalgia Electrics MSB-64 Margarita Machine Review

Nostalgia Electrics MSB-64

Price: $43.26   3.5 out of 5 stars 

Have chilly, ice-blended slushies or other blended drinks like margaritas, daiquiris, coffees with the 64-ounce Margarator. This machine uses a patented “grind and shave” method to crush ice effortlessly so it does not result in large chunks of ice akin to conventional blenders. Furthermore, this machine has a forward spout that makes dispensing your drinks trouble-free, and it comes with a drip tray to make cleaning easy.

MSB-64 User Reviews

  • … I purchased the Nostalgia Electrics MSB-64 slush machine as a present for my Wife … actually, I made her the promise of creating special drinks such as Rum Runners and Orange Julius knock-offs, so I get to operate the mechanism and she the benefits from my passion of gadgetry! I believe it works better if you crush the ice previous to adding liquid. Since a few individuals criticize the novice, here is my opinion: OK so it’s loud … however after the second glass, you can’t tell anyway. Long story short, IT WORKS, QUICKLY! ….

  • ….It shreds the ice perfectly well with no troubles. The spout is a wonderful design because you can leave it going at the same time as you fill up your glass so nothing has a chance to sink and you obtain the ideal consistency ….

  • ….I like that this drink maker doubles as a beverage dispenser. You can “freshen up” the drink prior to pouring it to make certain you’re not getting the melted part ….

  • … The drink dispenser of the Nostalgia Electrics MSB-64 flows Generously when switched to open, so you’ll need a small learning curve to evade over flowing smaller cups ….

  • … It is a hefty kitchen machine. Does not give the impression of being inexpensive or plastic. Here it will be used for numerous parties to come!! ….

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The Nostalgia MSB-64 in action

Features and Specifications

  • 64 – Ounce volume

  • Grind and shave machinery

  • Tough polycarbonate blending jar

  • Ideal for slushies, margaritas, pina coladas and other drinks

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